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Contrary to school bus routes, children must be accompanied by an adult in possession of a valid a bus ticket for regular bus routes: in this case, these children are exempt from purchasing a bus ticket.

For safety reasons, the driver’s cash bank is limited. Drivers are unable to accept any bills worth more than € 10. Customers attempting to purchase tickets with bills worth more than € 10 may not be able to board the bus.

All stops in the Envibus network must be requested, with the exception of the initial departure point and the route’s terminus. You must inform the driver when you wish to get off the bus by pressing the “stop” button, or by verbally telling him or her at least 100 meters before the bus stop.

The passenger must always be sure to make a distinct hand gesture towards the driver to make him or her stop the bus.

For safety reasons, buses are not authorized to make stops outside of its designated route, which include: posted bus stop signs, marked bus stop stripes on the street and bus stop shelters.

Passengers must board the bus using the door at the front of the bus, in order for the driver to validate tickets.

Exceptions are made for disabled passengers: the rear door of the bus is used exclusively for these passengers, unless the bus is overcrowded.

According to the size of the bus, 1 seat is reserved directly behind the conductor in buses with a seating capacity of 20 and 2 seats are reserved behind the driver in buses with a seating capacity greater than 20 for the following cases:

  • Combat wounded veterans
  • Blind, disabled, handicapped (veterans and civilians)
  • Pregnant women
  • Elderly passengers
  • Passengers accompanying children less than six years of age

However, these passengers do not have access priorities or privileges over other riders.

Eating, drinking, and smoking are strictly forbidden in the bus. In the same way, clean and proper attire is required and passengers should not be in a state of inebriation. Otherwise, access to the bus may be refused.

It is strictly forbidden to bring a bicycle aboard the bus. However, for safety reasons, passengers will be allowed to board the bus after removing their sporting equipment.

Pets are allowed on board the bus under the condition that they are transported in their carriers, cages, or kennels. Seeing Eye Dogs for the deaf and blind are allowed on the bus; however, these animals must be leashed and muzzled. Animals are not allowed to occupy seats on the bus.

Passengers are not allowed to board the bus while the driver is not present without his authorization.

As soon as the controller boards the bus, no more ticket sales are possible. You’ll have to explain your situation to the controller.

Drivers are on the alert for numerous violations:

  • absence of ticket
  • unreadable ticket
  • ticket not marked with a date and hour
  • expired ticket, coupon, or pass
  • pass number not indicated on a coupon
  • presenting only a pass or only a coupon
  • family pass with invalid day
  • reduced-fare ticket without proof of eligibility
  • passes or tickets from other transportation networks
  • counterfeit tickets
  • using counterfeit tickets

yes, for questions concerning the bus and its route
no, for questions concerning commercial information (fare prices, delivery of passes, etc…) Please direct your questions to the nearest ticket and information outlet or call Envibus Info at

  • Antibes Bus Station (,
  • Valbonne-Sophia-Antipolis Bus Station (,
  • Vallauris Bus Station (,
  • Mairie de Villeneuve-Loubet / Transport Services – SNCF Station Parking- (,
  • Mairie de La Colle sur Loup (,
  • Mairie de Biot (,
  • Mairie de Saint-Paul (

All lost and found items will be placed in the ticket and information outlet nearest to the place where they were found. Objects will be returned upon presentation of ownership proof.

Dissatisfied passengers or those wishing to suggest a time or route change may:

Yes since November 1, 2005, a combined monthly pass was created for the train and bus. This allows train passengers to obtain a pass for only € 10 for students and € 15 for salaried employees. These passes are on sale in SNCF Train Stations of the Alpes-Maritimes.

No pass or ticket will be reimbursed, unless the conglomeration’s community council (the Communauté d’Agglomération Sophia Antipolis, where each City is represented) decides to reimburse tickets due to a strike. The reimbursed amount will be prorated according to the number of days the strike lasts.

Can I travel with a stroller on the network ?

The placement of bus stops depends on several passenger safety factors, but also on that of automobile drivers. For safety reasons, drivers cannot stop between bus stops.

Yes, by paying a single fare (€ 1.5) to the conductor as soon as you board. 

  • Parc Relais du Fort Carré à Antibes (navette 13 and 13bis)
  • Parking du Ponteil à Antibes (navette 14)
  • Parking Dulys à Juan les Pins (navette 15)

No, under no circumstances can the bus driver leave the driver’s seat.